Organic Natural Cosmetics Organic Infusion drinks DISCOVER OUR PRODUCTS NATURE, EMOTIONS, ORGANIC For creating together a better world


Professional organic natural products for hair care

High-quality products for hair care, based on natural and organic formulations. Shampoos, conditioners, masks and essential oil blends for an effective and natural treatment, that will give wellness and beauty with every application and keep scalp and hair healthy.

A new concept of WELLNESS AND BEAUTY

“mens sana in corpore sano”


Professional organic natural treatments for face and body

High-quality products, based on natural and organic formulations, to take care of face and body skin. Our treatments make the skin naturally more beautiful, favoring the overall wellness of the person, for outer beauty and inner wellness


Organic infusion drinks for your wellness

High-quality infusion drinks, produced with selected ingredients from certified organic farming. Our special blends will give you moments of pleasure thanks to their unique taste and at the same time they will give you wellness in every sip.

We respect man, nature and the environment

to create a better world


TA NUR is study, research and production of professional organic natural cosmetics and organic infusion drinks, designed to give everyone wellness and beauty. A Made in Italy company, with an unmistakable brand, that makes performing and high-quality natural products. An innovative concept that respects man, nature and the environment, to create a better world.

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    We are inspired by nature to make our products. We use the best natural ingredients to give you a pure experience and free of harmful chemicals.

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    We study products that can guarantee both outer beauty and inner wellness, to give you unique emotions at every use.

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    Our aim is to ensure the quality of natural and organic in our products, for a more sustainable and more beautiful world.