TA NUR is study, research and production of professional organic natural cosmetics and organic infusion drinks, designed to give everyone wellness and beauty.

A Made in Italy company, with an unmistakable brand, that makes performing and high-quality natural products.

An innovative concept that respects man, nature and the environment, to create a better world.

Our origins

TA NUR was born from the union of the Italian experience in the professional hair care sector with the search for natural and organic formulations, to produce more sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetics, which can guarantee high-quality to the customer.

TA NUR recalls the style of the Mediterranean populations. A brand that collects the knowledge of these populations, concentrating the essence and values of ancient civilizations in each product.

The logo is made with colors existing in nature, so that by observing it everyone can find its roots. The logo composition is based on circular shapes, which evoke the origin of the universe and recall to the earth, the atom, the cardinal points, the four elements and the orbits of the planets.

Our mission

TA NUR aims to ensure the quality of natural and organic in its products. We want that you take care of yourself and for this we make products that can guarantee both outer beauty and inner wellness.

Choosing TA NUR means believing in a new concept of WELLNESS AND BEAUTY

“mens sana in corpore sano”

Our values

We always maintain a high level in our company, to guarantee you the best quality in every product.  Our aim as a company is to align with these words:


Our products are tested to guarantee everyone an outer beauty that comes from inner wellness.


Our products are as close to nature as possible and our goal is to protect the environment.


Everything in our products is written on the label. We buy our ingredients only ethically.

Green philosophy

TA NUR has an innovative concept that respects man, nature and the environment, to create a better world. Our cosmetics are made with organic natural ingredients and do not contain harmful chemicals such as SLES, SLS, parabens, silicones and petrolatum. All our cosmetics are Vegan and Cruelty-Free, so they do not contain ingredients of animal origin or derivation and have not been tested on animals.


We are attentive in the choices that affect the packaging of our products and we use eco-friendly materials to reduce the environmental impact and save the environment.

Our cosmetics containers are made of recycled PET and WOOD. The packaging of our infusion drinks is Doypack made with PAPER and ALUMINUM. Our exhibitors and the store’s set-ups are made of WOOD and CARDBOARD.


The material of excellence when it comes to sustainability. PET is a material that can be completely recycled and has minimal energy consumption for production and transport. In this way, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. It is particularly suitable for natural cosmetic products, as it forms a barrier that protects against temperature, oxygen and UV rays that could deteriorate the product.


Lightweight, beautiful and sustainable. Doypack is an innovative packaging, which thanks to a particular multilayer technology manages to preserve food, protecting it from external agents. Our Doypack is made with sustainable materials, such as paper and aluminum, and thanks to the practical zip closure, it allows you to avoid waste and always keep fresh the product.