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TA NUR is study, research and production of professional organic natural cosmetics and organic infusion drinks, designed to give everyone wellness and beauty.
A Made in Italy company, with an unmistakable brand, that makes performing and high-quality natural products.
An innovative concept that respects man, nature and the environment, to create a better world.

Our mission

TA NUR aims to ensure the quality of natural and organic in its products.
We want that you take care of yourself and for this we make products that can guarantee both outer beauty and inner wellness.

Choosing TA NUR means believing in a
new concept of WELLNESS AND BEAUTY

“mens sana in corpore sano”

Our values

At TA NUR, we are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, just like you, so in addition to creating the best natural skin care possible, we are committed to creating a better, more sustainable and, in turn, more beautiful world.

Our aim as a company is to align with these words:


Everything in our products is written on the label. We buy our ingredients only ethically. We always maintain a high level in our company, to guarantee you the best quality.


Our products are as close to nature as possible. We use the best organic ingredients to give you a pure experience, free of harmful chemicals. All our products are vegan (they do not contain raw materials of animal origin) and are cruelty free (they are not tested on animals).


This is our promise for you. Use our products and observe the results. You will have beautiful, young and radiant skin, you will keep your body and mind healthy.


TA NUR, true to its principles, is attentive in the choices that affect the packaging of its products.
TA NUR is “PLASTIC FREE” in the packaging of infusion drinks, made of glass and aluminum cap.
Our cosmetics containers are made of recycled PET and WOOD
Our exhibitors and the store’s set-ups are made of WOOD and CARDBOARD.

Using eco-friendly materials reduce the environmental impact and save the environment


The material of excellence when it comes to sustainability. PET is a material that can be completely recycled and has minimal energy consumption for production and transport. In this way, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced. It is particularly suitable for natural cosmetic products, as it forms a barrier that protects against temperature, oxygen and UV rays that could deteriorate the product.


Transparent, light, beautiful and sustainable. Glass is a 100% natural and recyclable material. Glass embodies the idea of a sustainable container and always represents the first choice for consumers who are attentive to health and the environment. It does not release toxic substances and does not contain potentially harmful chemicals, which can be found in other materials instead.

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