TA NUR is an Italian brand that research and produces high-end professional hair care products, based on natural and organic formulations.

A synergy of beauty, wellness and sustainability, with tested and performing products, innovative formulations, natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

Our brand places the needs of customer at the center of its business, leading him towards more sustainable cosmetics and encouraging him to take care of himself and of the environment, for a better world.

Our origins

TA NUR was born from the union of the Italian experience in the professional hair care sector with the search for natural and organic formulations, to produce more sustainable and eco-friendly cosmetics, which can guarantee high-quality to the customer.

TA NUR recalls the style of the Mediterranean populations. A brand that collects the knowledge of these populations, concentrating the essence and values of ancient civilizations in each product.

Mission and values

TA NUR aims to create a synergy of wellness, beauty and sustainability, encouraging people to take care of themselves and of the planet. We are committed to offering the customer high-quality natural products. Our brand is based on simple values, which we place at the basis of all our business decisions and which allow us to direct our choices towards more sustainable cosmetics.

We put sustainability
at the center of every choice