Continuous study and research of Organic Infusion drinks and Organic Natural Cosmetics for wellness and beauty.
High quality in production, Made in Italy. Italian innovation and creativity.
Respect for man, nature and the environment.

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Ta nur aims to ensure the quality of natural and organic in its products.

Our message is “Take care of yourself”

Why did Ta nur create the synergy between cosmetics and infusion drinks?
We believe in an INNOVATIVE system. Ta-nur believes that the REMEDY system, that combines cosmetic products and infusion drinks is a routine to take care of yourself and obtain a better result in terms of wellness and beauty.

The right mix between wellness and beauty “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO”

In each infusion drink there is: recipe, care in choosing the properties and benefits of medicinal plants, spices, fruit and tea leaves, research in taste like chefs. Sugar-free and no-calorie drinks.

Why choose products without filter bags?
The certified origin and the size of the leaves, flowers or barks determine the natural taste and aroma. The finest infusions can be recognized for their clearly visible flowers and leaves that guarantee the best quality. In hot water two teaspoons of product give off the properties of each ingredient, the scent, the gesture and the waiting for the infusion is a daily routine to love each other.

the world of wellness and beauty is the world of Ta nur