Hair Atom

Innovative hair treatment machine

An innovative hair treatment machine studied for the professional market. This machine has been made to combine TA-NUR hair lotions with latest generation technologies, making highly effective treatments.


Three latest generation technologies

The machine combines three latest generation technologies: LED Photostimulation, Misting and Iontophoresis.

Works with TA-NUR hair lotions

The machine has to be used only with the dedicated TA-NUR hair lotions, that are made with special natural formulations.

Effective and comfortable treatments

The machine can make effective and natural treatments, that are also very comfortable for customer.

Made in Italy machine

The machine has passed an accurate phase of tests and research, with high-level Made in Italy engineering process.

Perfectly designed for simple use

  • The machine is designed for simple use, in fact it is a portable machine with rechargeable battery.
  • The machine is equipped with a touch display with preset options and the professional can easily select the treatment.
  • The ergonomic handpiece is easy to use and the treatment is pleasant for the customer.