Prevents hair-loss and strengthens the hair
Contains hibiscus and sage. Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-Free
Available sizes: 200 ml - 500 ml

Professional shampoo

Professional anti hair-loss activating shampoo, prevents hair-loss and strengthens the hair. The presence of hibiscus and sage, natural enhancers of the follicle growth cycle, makes the formula effective in maintaining the natural hair growth cycle and combatting excessive hair fall. The essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus cleanse, revitalize and tone the hair.

USE: apply on wet scalp and hair and massage gently. Rinse, repeat the application and rinse thoroughly.

Anti-Hair loss Treatment

This product is part of the line ACTIVORUM, treatment formulated to prevent and combat excessive hair fall. The active ingredients contained in the ingredients of vegetable origin, such as hibiscus, sage, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, make the products specific to maintain the natural hair growth cycle, stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair and repairing the hair fiber.


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