Essential oil blend, leave-in type, with anti-frizz action
Contains almond and argan oil. Natural, Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Professional oil blend

Essential oil blend, leave-in type, with anti-frizz action. Its formula, containing argan oil, has been designed to nourish and detangle frizzy and curly hair. The essential oils of almond and hemp guarantee a polishing and repairing action on the hair, preventing the formation of split ends.

USE: distribute an adequate amount of product on the entire length of the hair. Do not rinse.

Anti-Frizz Treatment

This product is part of the line CRISPORUM, treatment formulated to reduce frizz and discipline hair. The active ingredients contained in the ingredients of vegetable origin, such as avocado, olive and argan oil, make the products specific to nourish, detangle and regenerate hair, leaving it light and shiny.

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