in a natural way

Our shampoos are formulated with delicate surfactants of vegetable origin and our masks are real “beauty treatments” for hair.

Our shampoos are formulated with delicate surfactants of vegetal origin mainly from the coconut, gently cleanse the hair, do not irritate the scalp, do not damage the hair, leaving them soft, voluminous and brilliant. The formula containing pure gel of Aloe Vera ORGANIC protects and moisturizes the hair shaft in a deep way and balances the scalp. Its nourishing and anti-oxidant properties help to fortify the hair. Our masks are real “beauty care” for the hair, they are indispensable to complete the cleaning treatment because they prevent the damage of the cuticle caused by the external agents. They are formulated with organic flaxseed oil exclusively of certified organic origin, cold extracted by mechanical methods.

Formation of the foam and detergent action are not strictly connected, in fact often a good detergent forms little foam while a very foaming detergent has a limited detergent action. The foam has above all a psychological effect on our use. The specific action of each shampoo is ensured by the plants included in the formula such as dry extracts, essential oils and glyceric extracts * A constant use of the product is an adjuvant in maintaining the health of hair and scalp and in the solution of the unaesthetism present.

The organic flaxseed oil, thanks to the high content of minerals, proteins and lipids, is effective for having healthy, shiny and strong hair.

  • They contrast the frizz effect and give the hair a shiny and healthy appearance.
  • They renovate the capillary fibre and give the hair elasticity and shine.
  • They regulate the sebaceous production and normalize the scalp.
  • They help to prevent split ends and to reduce them in a natural way, that is rehydrating and restructuring the hair fibre.

Our masks, thanks to the active ingredients assured by the plants included in formula as dry extracts, essential oils and glyceric extracts, restore the balance of the scalp and skin, restructuring the hair at the root.

PEG, PPG, paraffin, petrolatum, SLS, SLEs, cocamide MEA/TEA/DEA, parabens, (methyl) Isothiazolinone, formaldehyde donor, EDTA, BHA/BHT, carbomer, alcohol, silicones, colorants, OMG.

*Glyceric extracts or macerates are preparations obtained from plant buds. These plant embryonic tissues, the plants at their first stage of development, are rich in active ingredients and therefore have special therapeutic properties. The maceration takes place for 21 days in a solution of water, glycerine and alcohol. Then the filtration and the squeezing takes place.