love at first sight

Tisane TA-NUR from organic agriculture are dedicated to those who can cut out some space of their life at the “slow time” of pleasure and relaxation …. Therapeutic and convivial, relaxing and antimalumore, energizing and toning, each has a beneficial effect on our well-being, whether we use them to regain energy or to fight seasonal illnesses, or to fight tiredness and stress or to promote passion and complicity. A “healthy drink”, a pleasant alternative to tea and coffee, but also ideal to accompany an aperitif or a snack, conclude an important dinner and above all pamper yourself in moments of relaxation, to sip in perfect solitude or in company …



Our herbs grow in the mountains and hills of the Monferrato and the Langhe
Most of the work in the fields is done manually. Most of the work in the fields is done manually. Biodynamics and organic farming are practiced together. The latter method is based on the principles of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner who guarantees superior crop quality, thanks also to the use of natural preparations exposed to particular cosmic influences. Only sustainable systems for agricultural production are used, which respect the terrestrial ecosystem including the idea of ​​organic farming and inviting you to consider the soil and the life that develops on it as a single system. Large stretches of lavender, lemon balm, thyme, roses, sage, chamomile and many other herbs, grown “by hand” with love and dedication to their land. Unique and uncontaminated places that enchant eyes, lift the spirit and give colors and perfumes that come straight to the heart. The freshly harvested herbs are transported to the drying centers, where they are subjected to rigorous controls to monitor temperature and humidity. The drying takes place at low temperatures for 24-36 hours, in order to keep intact all the beneficial properties, active ingredients, color, taste and fragrance of the herbs. Leaves and flowers are separated from the stems and then processed with particular air systems in order to keep them intact in full respect of the herbal tradition.

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