Innovative system of professional treatments that combines natural cosmetics and organic infusions

TA NUR has studied and made an innovative system of professional treatments, that is based not only on the use of hair care products, but on the combination of organic natural cosmetics and organic ayurvedic infusions. This synergy of high-quality natural products makes excellent results, that can give benefits both on beauty and psycho-physical wellness.

Remedy System was born from tests

The Remedy System was born from a series of tests by experts, who verified that the introduction of ayurvedic infusions within professional treatments led to a high improvement in the result. The organic recipes of the infusions can enhance the natural formulations of hair care products if used with a particular combination, which manages to offer the best benefits.

Ayurvedic Infusions with custom recipes

In each Remedy our hair care products are combined with an infusion inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, a millenary philosophy that aims to achieve perfect psychophysical balance. Each infusion has a recipe studied for that specific treatment, with the best functional ingredients to enhance the hair care treatment.

Professional yet simple treatment

Each Remedy is a professional treatment, with specific steps to obtain the best results. A simple and effective method that will help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time. We offer also the possibility to the customer to continue the treatment at home with a special box.

The Remedy System is available in TA NUR salons

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